Learning More About Granite Countertops

House renovators and house developers have seen an increase in competition when it comes to kitchen and bathroom granite countertop installation. Granite is popular because it provides a certain level of aesthetics in homes. It is also durable and easy to care for.  

That’s why granite countertops are highly preferred by homeowners who intend to stay in their properties for a long time. Although it may be very expensive to install granite countertops in a kitchen, they are the first option in luxury homes. These countertops keep their value far better than other types of upgrades. 

Where Does Granite Come From? 

Granite is obtained from under the earth, just marbles, and similar stones. It is also present worldwide. Granite was the choice material when constructing temples and public edifices in the olden times. Before, construction companies used exterior finishes and pillars as well.  

Granite wasn’t used until 1831. That’s when stone fabricators started an experiment by polishing them. The trend of using polished granite started in 1851. That’s the time when finished granite went up for display at an important industrial exhibit. 

Why Use Granite Countertops? 

Granite is an ideal tool for countertops because it’s the toughest stone of all. Granite hardness is only rivaled by diamonds. Granite countertops are durable and versatile, making them the choice of chefs when it comes to kitchen workspaces.  

Granite can stand the heat of hot pots and is the best surface for processing confectionery and making a dough. The natural elegance of granites is the best compliment of wood and almost all types of cabinetry, including the French country style. Granite is also very attractive in such a way to gives more warmth and color to kitchens and bathrooms. 

Granite Countertops in Review  

For decades, the use of granite countertops has become a staple among kitchen and bathroom designers, which is why it became very popular with almost all homeowners everywhere. Literally, there are hundreds of granite shades and designs, from white to black, including blue, yellow, brown, and green.  

Beige and brown are among the most common color choices because they fit well with almost all color schemes. Granite makes the home design more versatile than ever. The colors of granite even display movement, which is a unique quality of these stones. The broad patterns can make the eyes move while the smaller patterns appear more sedated. The combination of motion and color in granite countertops suggests that there are no two of them that are the same. 

The Advantages of Using Granite Countertops 

Granite countertops became favored because of their simplicity, longevity, and toughness. Regular care and maintenance constitute a simple cleaning. The use of sealants is also recommended to avoid staining. While granite is tough, it may chip quite easily. Skilled Grand Prairie granite countertop contractors can help you repair and maintain them. 

Granite countertops are more expensive than your other options, with its cost pegged at $60 per square foot. But the bulk of expenses are concentrated in quarrying, cutting, transport, polishing, and fabrication. It’s not recommended for any homeowner to install granite countertops on their own.       

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