Things to Know About Temporary Resident Visit

For those who don’t know, a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) is a counterfoil document issued by the government. It’s also called an admission visa or guess visa. The document allows foreign nationals to visit a particular country for a specific time.  

TRV is an official document that you need to include in the passport to show that you’ve satisfied all of the conditions for entry into the country.  

Foreign nationals and immigrants can apply for a TRV online. However, they can also choose to hire an immigration lawyer in Orlando, FL for help.  

Today, we’re going to share with you several things you should know about TRV. 

Applying for Your TRV 

You need to complete a series of processes to apply for a TRV in a particular country. There are two popular methods to use when applying for a TRV. This includes: 

  • In-person application 
  • Online application 

As much as possible, it’s best to strive for an online application since most application processes are being digitalized.  

However, even if you apply online, you still have to appear in person if the Consulate requires your biometrics or an interview.  

If you choose the in-person application method, you’ll have to visit the Consulate a couple of times to complete the process. 

Categories of TRV 

  • Business Person’s Visa 

This visa is created to satisfy the needs of business people who are visiting the country to have formal commercial transactions, attend conferences, or have meetings.  

  • Supreme Visa 

This is a form of visa for grandparents and parents of permanent citizens or residents of the country that enables them to visit their grandkids or kids for up to 2 years at a time.  

  • Transit Visa 

This type of visa allows foreign citizens to travel through a country on a pleasure or business trip if their end destination is outside of the country. Keep in mind that you are only allowed to travel through a country for 2 days.  

  • Multiple Entry Visa 

This type of TRV enables a person to enter the country several times across their visa at any port of entry in the country.  

  • Single Entry Visa 

This enables people to enter the country only once. 

There are other visas for particular purposes. This includes the Facilitation Visa, the Intending Organ Donors’ Visa, the Courtesy Visa, and more.  

Make sure you hire a professional immigration lawyer if you don’t know what type of visa you should get.  

Requirements for TRV 

There are a lot of requirements you need to get to apply for a TRV. Here are some of the most basic requirements: 

  • You need to show that you’ve got enough funds to support yourself throughout your stay in the country. 
  • You need to show that you will depart the country after your purpose is done. 
  • You need to show that you have ties to your home country and that you intend to come back there. 
  • You should not have any immigration-related or criminal convictions. 
  • You need to be in good health. 
  • You need to show a valid travel document. This means you need to apply for a passport first.  

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